Calcium, Magnesium + Vitamin D3

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Three of these key nutrients known to support bone health are Calcium, Magnesium and Vitamin D3, each playing a unique role. Calcium and Vitamin D both contribute to the maintenance of normal bones and teeth, these two nutrients work in synergy as Vitamin D helps with normal absorption and utilisation of Calcium. Magnesium helps to maintain normal bones and teeth, as well as contributing to normal muscle function and a reduction in tiredness & fatigue.

If you are looking to supplement your diet with these nutrients then our Calcium, Magnesium & D3 tablets are a great choice, just 2 tablets a day provides a minimum of your daily requirement of these three important nutrients. Our tablets are also formulated to be vegan friendly, and free from GMO, gluten, yeast, dairy, soya and nuts as well as being coated for ease of swallowing.

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Calcium, Magnesium + Vitamin D3