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Is a pharmaceutical company established in Pristina, Kosovo in 2012, which is a family run business, specialized in pharmacy, medicine, and media – marketing was grown very fast in a short period of time, due to our commitment to be successful with good products and prices in Kosova market. Smart Pharma Kosova deals with registration of the products, the distribution and also the marketing of pharmaceutical products. Our philosophy is to bring not only quality products, efficiency but also good prices for our patients.

Our goal is to stay close to our partners, doctors, physicians by offering them solutions with quality products from well – known brands. Smart Pharma Kosova has the exclusivity to distribute products from british company Bell’s Helathcare, Pasante (sexual health) and “Natures Aid” which have been manufacturing and supplying high-quality nutritional supplements for more than three decades. We welcome other serious partners who want to have their products in Kosovo.

We provide complete management of partner brands. We build tailored strategies for each product and company, to meet the needs of our partners. We manage efficiently the marketing of products from our collaborators starting with conception ofthe idea to the delivery of products in the pharmacies. We work with the television media, print and online. Our staff is particularly specialized in digital marketing to promote our products.

We manage every aspect of marketing:
– Market launching of new products
– Advertising of pharmaceutical and OTC(over-the-counter)products
– Budgets management
– Studies of the market on similar products
– Representation in conferences and other events
– Analysis of product performance and continuity
– Digital marketing through web and social media
– Internet managing of products

Analysis of the pharmaceutical market in Kosovo remains one of the most important stages of development for our company, as it is very different from other types of markets. It is not only determined by the patients, but also from doctors and pharmacists. Therefore, we are committed to recognize the demands and needs of this market. These demands are based not only on the need of patients for cheap prices and high quality products, but also on what healthcare professionals need to better serve their patients. Unfortunately, in many cases the pharmaceutical market does not always meet them.

The pharmaceutical market analysis is carried out following three main steps:
1. Market Segmentation
2. Market Goal
3. Market Positioning

The registration of pharmaceutical products and medical devices is established by law. In the Republic of Kosovo this law aims to establish the rules and procedures for the production, quality control, classification, marketing authorization, registration, importation, trade, pharmacovigilance, clinical research, supervision of medical products and equipments, in order for its citizens to have safe, effective and quality medical products

This law applies to all public authorities, private and public enterprises, as well as legal and neutral persons involved in the production and marketing of these medical products, medical equipments and other activities related to these.

One of the most important developments of our company is the distribution of pharmaceutical products in the entire territory of Kosovo, covering more than 500 pharmacies across the country. Through this distribution we intend to:

1. Create contacts with the patient/consumer and health care professionals
2. Sell the products
3. Make the products accessible from our company to the consumer